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I define myself a hybrid designer, due to my interdisciplinary background, that I tried to depict through the stream graph above. Everything starts in 1997, my passion for computer programming brings me to study informatics at the high school and then, exhausted by the code and by the bug fixing process, I decided to give my education a radical shift and continue my studies in the design field. In 2005 I finally received a MA in Visual Communication at the Politecnico di Milano, after eight years of studies and works at Erazero (2003 – 2010), a cross-media studio in Milan, partner of MTV Italy.

Since 2006, my collaboration with the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano has started, working as a lecturer and then as a researcher, teaching the Unibz master students "Web and Media" and researching on "Visual Journalism", an innovative way to inform a wider audience on complex phenomena in an engaging way. I still work as a designer, and even my research is practice-based oriented. Recently I decided to research more on the impact that social multimedia projects have on local communities, so I started a Ph.D. at the Università di Trento on the impact of visual journalism practices on small communities.


2017 Infographics as Images: Meaningfulness beyond Information
IMG Conference proceedings

"DATA JOURNALISM Guida essenziale alle notizie fatte con i numeri” (chapter)
Mondadori Università
ISBN: 9788861845862

AISS XLIV Conerence Proceedings Le forme della narrazione nel web-based documentary: il caso Europa Dreaming
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People’s Republic of Bolzano or how digital artifacts can be adversarial to misinformation.
The Design Journal, Volume 20 - Issue sup1
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Europa Dreaming
Sciences du Design #5
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People's Republic of Bolzano
Sciences du Design #5
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2011 Spaghetti Vespa Typography
Progetto Grafico #20
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Proceedings of the 6th Swiss design network:
"Negotiating futures design fiction"
ISBN 978-3-9523662-1-9


2017 European Design Award 2017 🏆

2016 European Design Award 2016 🏆
DIG Award Finalist 2016

2015 Data Journalism Award 2015 🏆
DIG Award Finalist 2015

2018 Italian Design ambassador (named by Italian Foreign affairs ministry)
Jury Member World Press Photo Award 2018 (innovative storytelling)
2017 speaker - "Infographics as Images: Meaningfulness beyond Information" IMG conference - Brixen, Italy
speaker - "The role of motion in data visualization: animation as an agent of meaning" 2CO Conference - Tenerife, Spain
workshop - "Visual Journalism as a tool to counter hate speech" Media against hate, FNSI Rome
speaker - "Visual Journalism artifacts as tool to design counter-narratives" World Design Summit - Montreal, Canada
speaker - "Notizie, dati e immagini: visual journalism" TEDx Lab - Verona, Italy
speaker - "Europa Dreaming" TEDx - Potenza, Italy
Workshop "Visual Journalism and Motion Graphic", Unirsm, Rep. S. Marino
Workshop "Visual Journalism for Science Communication", SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Talk Visualized.io "Europa Dreaming: a different narrative on migration", Milan, Italy
Jury Member World Press Photo Award 2017
2016 Talk AISS Congress "Le forme della narrazione nel web-based documentary: Europa Dreaming"
Talk TEDx "People’s Republic of Bolzano", Arezzo, Italy
Talk "Visual Jorunalism for Social change" #VJSS2016 – Free University of Bozen Bolzano, Italy
Lecture "Europa Dreaming" Summer school 2016 für dramatisches und essayistisches schreiben
Lecture "Visual Jorunalism for Social change" Esodoc – European Social Documentary, Goldrain, Italy
2015 Talk World Usability Day "People’s Republic Bolzano", Rome, Italy
Talk Italian Doc Screenings "Make Media Make Change", Rome, Italy
Talk "Make media, make change" ESoDoc – European Social Documentary, Goldrain, Italy
Talk "Make media, make change", Sheffield docfest, UK
Jury Hackathon Bolzano 2015, Bolzano, Italy
2014 Workshop "Play with data", Elisava, Barcelona
2013 Speaker and Exhibition "Cornu Portraits", XVI Generative Art Conference, Triennale, Milan
Workshop "On Visual journalism", SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Workshop "Generative semantic typography", Castrignano de’ Greci, Italy
2011 Lecture "Design by Code", German University of Cairo, Egypt
Exhibition "Spaghetti Vespa Typography", Budapest Design Week, Hungary
Exhibition "Spaghetti Vespa Typography", Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy
Workshop "Type in Motion", Free University of Bozen, Italy
2010 Workshop "Algorithmic and analog ornament", 6th Swiss Design Network, FH Nordwestschweiz in Basel, Swiss
Speaker "Digital. Material. Structural. Ornament Today.", Free University of Bozen, Italy
2009 Lecture "An interactive designer", Chulalongkorn University – Bangkok, Thailand
Workshop "Stories from another world", Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey